Everything Starts from Fire

Hello Reversians,

As you may have seen or heard, I take care of all the production and technical aspects related to my work.

Some might think that these are boring technicalities, but in reality each step has a strong ritual and symbolic aspect and contributes fundamentally to my creative process.

The first step is...fire, we always start with fire!

Fire, which has always been a symbol of transformation and rebirth, becomes a precious ally in the ancient and noble art of gold melting. The art of jewelry, a craft that spans millennia and cultures, draws on the power of fire to transform noble metal into dazzling works of art.

Fire has always been considered a magical element, capable of transmuting matter and conferring new meanings. In jewelry, gold casting begins with the preparation of a mixture of raw metal, often combined with other metals to create alloys with specific properties. This mixture, called "tanning," is placed in a crucible, a heat-resistant vessel.

With masterful skill, the goldsmith activates the fire under the crucible, triggering the melting process. The metal, exposed to extreme temperatures, goes through phases of liquefaction and purification, as if fire itself had the power to separate the impure from the precious essence. This ritual, in which the goldsmith guides the metal through its alchemical journey, is as much a dance with flames as it is an act of creation.

Despite the allure of the alchemical aspect of gold smelting, science plays a crucial role in every step of the process. Temperature is a key variable: gold has a relatively low melting point, but accurate temperature control is essential to prevent the metal from oxidizing or undergoing unwanted alterations.

Alloys, composed of gold and other metals such as silver or copper, are precisely created to give the jewelry desired properties, such as hardness or color. The goldsmith must have in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of the alloys and the ability to balance the elements to obtain the desired result.

Technical mastery becomes evident when the goldsmith, with sophisticated tools and a steady hand, shapes the molten metal into elegant, detailed shapes. The melting of gold thus becomes a harmony between artisan tradition and the wise application of science, where the goldsmith stands as a modern alchemist.

The fusion of gold in the art of jewelery is a process that feeds on fire, an element capable of transforming the noble metal into eternal masterpieces. In the dance between ancient traditions and scientific advances, the goldsmith becomes the alchemist of a modern era, capable of shaping molten metal with the same passion and mastery of his predecessors.

Fire, a creative and destructive element, continues to be the heart of gold melting, connecting the past with the present and casting a fiery gaze towards the future. In every drop of molten gold, there is a tale of transformation, magic and science, which makes this art timeless and compelling, just like the flames that fuel it.

Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, but everything is transformed

From the Navigli that’s all,

shine bright #reversians,

I await you here!