Who We Are

Hello Reversians,

I decided to report some reflections that I made a couple of weeks ago, about who we are, our roots, what life gives us and what it sometimes takes away from us.

A month ago, the craftsman who designed the lines of my life, my father, Elio Reversi, sculpted the last stretch of his. A chiseller like me, Elio, was not the father figure I would have needed. However, he taught me that, like Judas for Christ, he will have his role in the divine plan. Maybe this was how he had to go to make me the man I am today. “What does not kill me, strengthens me." -Friedrich Nietzsche

Seven years ago, a precious pearl was stolen from the rosary of my life, my mother, Silvana. A seamstress at heart, bipolar in mind, she was full of love and with a sensitivity that made her acutely feel the pain, the screams, and the injustices she had suffered. Despite everything, she loved Elio and loved his brother "el Bepino".

Today, without them, I feel an absence that I miss more than the air I breathe.

For the first 13 years of my life, I was raised by a solid man, my grandfather, Severino. Carabiniere, worker, farmer, bricklayer but above all, a fair person. He taught me to be impartial and to face life looking beyond the flames, beyond the pain.

Now, I realize that it is my turn to be a Man, for my little girls, Lucrezia and Benedetta. For all those who love me, admire me and appreciate me for who I am, "The Chiseller".

My life is like a piece of raw metal waiting to be chiseled, and there are no more excuses, I am the artist who must give shape to this material, to write every page that will one day be read and meticulously put under that magnifying glass which I'm now using for my dad.

I feel that one day, my daughters and the whole world will look at me like I look at my father, mother, and grandfather now. Maybe when I'm no longer there physically, I'm there even more. Although they are no longer with us, their spirit and their lessons live on in me. In fact, I think back to Rainer Maria Rilke's phrase: "Death is the side of us that looks at the world". I am Tiziano, the son of Elio and Silvana, the grandson of Severino, I am for everyone "The Chiseller". Despite the challenges, despite the pain, I will continue on this path that I have chosen. With the hope that I can make those who have supported me proud. Driven by the desire to become better every day more than yesterday.

From the Navigli, that’s all,

shine bright #reversians,

I await you here!