Our Collections

Jewelry realized with the same materials as dreams and tempered with the heat of stars.

Tree of Life

A vine branch, the symbol of longevity and prosperity, representing life.

The collection includes rings, bracelets and chain chokers, and is available in 18-karat rose or white gold with diamonds or in silver.

Infinity of Souls

Eighteen skulls looking in different directions, an infinite circle of synergistic thoughts towards what moves "the sun and the other stars": love!

The collection includes rings and earrings, and is available in 18-karat gold or antique silver.


"Fight for Your Light"

A strong piece, just as strong as its message.

The collection includes 18-karat gold rings in various colors with diamonds and precious stones.


An imperial and elegant design inspired by the goddess of justice, just battles, wisdom and the arts. The collection includes 18-karat gold rings in various colors with diamonds and precious stones.

The Whisper of the Unicorn

This piece hides within it a secret message of love, whispered in a dream by a fairytale creature...

Rigid and adjustable bracelets available in 18-karat gold and diamonds or in silver.


Inspired by the "divine" Maria Callas, these jewels are precious, brilliant and irreverent like she was.

The collection includes rings, pendants and earrings in 18-karat gold, yellow or white, and diamonds.


"Fortis fortunate adiuvat": fortune favors the brave. Rings with an ancient flavor and therefore always in-style. The collection includes rings in 18-karat white, rose or yellow gold encrusted with natural diamonds, or in antique silver. Both options are available crowned with natural sapphire or ruby, and emerald is available for the options in gold.


Powerful jewels, just as our virtues: temperance, justice, strength and prudence. The collection includes Made To Order rings available in 18-karat gold in various colors, embellished with natural white or brown diamonds, as well as in ruthenium-plated silver. The center stone is available in almost any natural stone such as ruby, emerald, labradorite, moonstone, jade, etc…


Bewitching and irresistible jewels. Created in 18-karat rose gold embellished with a pave of natural white or brown diamonds. The collection includes pendants, rings and earrings.


Superb diamonds that illuminate our path among the waves. The collection includes rings and earrings in 18-karat white, rose, black, and yellow gold with diamonds or in plated silver of the same colors.

Greatest Desire  

Two 18-karat white gold rings joined together by a splendid central sapphire and two pure white diamonds, embellished with small white diamonds. A unique piece: just like our greatest desires.